God Bridge - Adventure teambuilding program in Bulgaria

Teambuilding with boats in the underground lake

Teambuilding and canyoning in Bulgaria

Devetashka cave, Bulgaria

Team Building in Devetashka cave, Bulgaria.

Тайния изход на Деветашката пещера - тиймбилдинг с клуб Еделвайс

Teambuilding in water cave, Bulgaria

Teambuilding in Devetashka cave, Bulgaria


Teambuilding in the central part of northern Bulgaria

The Underground Trails programme is designed for Bulgaria’s karst regions where caves, canyons and rock arches can be part of mind games and offer a natural backdrop for team building activities. Some suitable regions are Devetashkoto Plateau, the Iskar Defile, and the Balkan Range near Vratsa.

Devetashkoto Plateau is situated 20 km north of Lovech. Its central location in Bulgaria, close to well developed hotel facilities in the picturesque town of Troyan and mineral pools in the village of Chiflika, makes this region an excellent fit for companies having branches in different places across Bulgaria. Attractive team building sites include the Osam River valley and gorge, the galleries and canyons around Devetashka Cave, and the karst plateau at the village of Krushuna. Like in our other team building programmes, activities will involve on many occasions climbing, caving, orienteering, rafting and canyoning. Boating on an underground lake and descent by rope across rock arches and waterfalls will be memorable moments in the adventure programme.

The region is a suitable location all year round, and the best seasons to visit are spring, cool summer and autumn. The programme can be a one-day event or a several-day activity. Convenient hotel accommodation for larger groups (over 50 participants) is available in Lovech and Troyan. Devetashkoto Plateau offers good locations for tent camps, which are a useful experience in any team building effort. A programme in Devetashkoto Plateau can be expanded with interesting several-day activities in the Lovech Fortress or in the Central Balkan Range.

The Devetaki region is closed to visitors from 1 June until 30 July during the bats’ breeding season.

Another area where we have implemented Underground Trails is the Lakatnishki Skali Natural Park in the Western Balkan Range. The park is located in the Iskar Gorge, 55 km northeast from Sofia. The region’s proximity to the capital makes it a convenient location for one-day programmes that will not require overnight accommodation for the participants. That will reduce the overall cost of the team building programme.

The programme will involve standard team building exercises combined with some climbing, caving, canyoning and orienteering. An interesting addition to this programme can be rafting along the Iskar River. A two-day choice can continue in the Balkan Range near Vratsa, in the vicinity of the Cherepishki Monastery, or in the karst plateau near Karlukovo.


Video from the programme



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