Пещера Проходна - големия свод

Река Искър около пещера Проходна, Пещерен дом Карлуково

Окната в пещера Проходна и тиймбилдинг зоната Катерачът - програма на клуб Еделвайс

Тиймбилдинг в пещера Проходна и Задънен дол

Team Building in Prohodna cave

The Iskar River Valley

Karst area near Sofia.

Our special team building offer is for the karst area around Karlukovo. Located 125 km northeast from the capital Sofia along the Iskar River, the site features the natural landmark Prohodna Cave (The Passage) and the rock formation Oknata (The Eyes). Dozens of other cave galleries, canyons and rock arches make the area an attractive playground for adventure team building programmes.

The karst terrain around Karlukovo is a suitable team building ground all year round, and the best time to visit it is in spring, autumn and on breezy summer days. Activities can take place in any weather – in heavy rain or snow the programme will concentrate in the naturally lit galleries of Prohodna Cave (The Passage). A two-day programme ties well with a water journey down the Iskar River, the canyons of Kunino and Reslets, and a mountain programme in Stara Planina (the Old Mountain, which is the Bulgarian name for the Balkan Range).

The participants in the programme will team up in different groups and each team will have to pass a series of diverse physical challenges and mind games. After successfully covering each challenge, the team will get further instructions about its actions and will collect the pieces of a puzzle which will be solved at the end of the game. A new team leader will be appointed for each challenge, enabling every participant to test their leadership skills and ability to quickly make responsible decisions.

The individual activities of the Adventure and Adrenaline-Rush programmes in Karlukovo use elements of climbing, caving, canyoning, orienteering and rafting. Difficulty levels are physically doable by anyone. The challenge that the participants will have to cope with together is the psychological barrier. Our team will ensure 100 per cent programme safety.

One possible sequence of activities in the Iskar River Valley can be as follows:

1. Starting from the set-off point, the team will need to use a compass and a map to find the entrance to a small cave.

2. The participants will use a torch and will crawl inside the cave galleries where they will find a message composed of graphical symbols instead of letters.

3. The team will need to put on thinking caps to decode the message they found in the cave. The solved message will direct them towards their next goal and will provide information about the final puzzle.

4. The “clues” they have discovered on their way will lead the team to the Iskar River. The participants will cross the river in rubber boats and will find a new ‘important message”.

5. The next challenge will be a rock canyon. The participants will be tied in a line with an Alpine rope and will have to climb up the ledge of a rock arch. No one can move unless their partner also moves. At the top of the arch they will discover clues about their next target...

Similar challenges requiring mental and physical skills will alternate throughout the programme. At the end of the game the team will have to solve a puzzle whose elements were collected beforehand at the end of each challenge. The purpose of the final puzzle is to find the prize for the team. The actual prize will be determined by the client company.

The participants will be accompanied at every move by our team member, who will monitor the group’s safety and the development of the game. Additional teams will attend and serve all activities involving special Alpine gear or rafting equipment. The adventure programme allows for very accurate individual or group psychological assessment of the participants. Such assessments can be carried out based on a separate request from the client and will be performed according to predefined criteria.

The Karlukovo Plateau is an hour and a half drive from Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia. The best way to get there is to take the highway from Sofia to Varna and turn after the city of Yablanitsa. Convenient hotel accommodation is available in Ribaritsa, Lukovit, Pleven and Etropole. You can choose between four and three star hotels, guesthouses, mountain chalets or tent camps under the star-studded sky. The chance to make a bivouac around Karlukovo is an excellent team building opportunity. Our recommendation for those who would rather prefer deluxe accommodation and amenities will be the nearby hotel Diplomat Plaza.

More detailed visual information about the Iskar River Valley programme is available in our Photos or our Video Presentation




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