Театралната тиймбилдинг задача в крепостта Царевец

Балдуиновата кула на крепостта Царевец - Тиймбилдинг с клуб Еделвайс

Река Янтра около крепостта Царевец - тиймбилдинг с клуб Еделвайс

Река Янтра около крепостта Царевец

The Walls of the fortress Tsarevets

Region of Veliko Tarnovo - the central part of northern Bulgaria

Its central location makes Veliko Tarnovo an excellent and convenient venue for companies organising annual staff retreats for their employees from offices all over the country. The team building event may be one or several days. The city is a suitable location all year round. An attractive arena for the programme will be the ramparts and turrets of the medieval fortress Tsarevets, which flourished under the Second Bulgarian Empire in the 13th-14th centuries AD.

The programme at Tsarevets is based on a historical quest. Additional elements include orienteering, climbing, rope gardens and rafting. The highlights of the programme are climbing down a rope from the Baldwin’s Tower, a boat trip around the walls of the fortress on the Yantra River, and getting in the fortress over the ramparts by a rope ladder.

A two-day programme in Veliko Tarnovo will feature the fortress Tsarevets and the karst area around the Dryanovski Monastery (two eco trails, a canyon and the well-equipped cave Bacho Kiro). Interesting options for several-day programmes include a water journey along the Yantra River or team building activities in the Dryanovo canyon or the Emen village.

The pictures in our gallery are from a team building event at Tsarevets carried out with the Euromarket team in the spring. Similar programmes can be carried out at the fortresses of Lovech, Belogradchik and Vidin.

The fortification walls of Tsarevets can be circumnavigated by boat for about 40 minutes. This adventure team building mission is most pleasant in the high tide of spring and early summer. The rafting trip can continue down the Yantra River towards the Danube.

The walls of the fortress Tsareves - video

Team Building near Dryanovo monastery and the Bacho Kiro cave - video



Photo 1: The fortress "Tsarevets" in Veliko Tarnovo.

Photo 2: Theatrical teambuilding task.

Photo 3: Baldwin Tower as part of the "decor" of our adventure program.

Photo 4: Water task at the Yantra River.

Photo 5: Yantra River around the Tsarevets Fortress in spring freshet.



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