Boninska cave, Bulgaria

Входът на пещера Водопада

Първият водопад на подземната река

Скален праг в пещера Водопада

Подземен водопад

Пещера Водопада при Крушуна

Underground River

Programme in central of North Bulgaria near Lovech.

The program "Underground River" is worked out for those teams that not accept insuperable obstacles. The natural arena of the event is a system of underground lakes, rivers and waterfalls with crystal clear water and turquoise, rocky banks.

In the main part of the program the team receives a mission to achieve a definite goal in cave Vodopada /Waterfall/ near village of Krushuna. In the water galleries the participants take their bearings from a map and the relief features of the cave. On the way to the goal they swim in the water and climb ...

The program is focused on:

  • team support and assistance,

  • motivation of the participants for reaching a difficult goal,

  • proper allocation of work roles and tasks,

  • work in "stressful" situations for a fixed time interval,

  • leadership skills,

  • building a team spirit.

All participants are equipped with neoprene suits and lifejackets allowing them easily to go through each water barrier, even the people who can not swim well. The underground river can be part of a wider team building program as well which takes place also "in the daylight", outside of the cave galleries. The sequence of the activities in the program is given by a plot based on real historical events that happened in the region during the Second World War.

This teambuilding format can be offered in two places in Bulgaria:

  • The Devetaki Karst Plateau near village of Krushuna, that is not far away from town of Lovech

  • The northern foot of the Vratsa Balkan Mountains near town of Vratsa.

The best seasons for the event are the summer, the autumn and the beginning of the winter.

Video from the Underground river


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