Rafting and Kayaking on the Iskar river, Bulgaria.

Team Building and Kayaking on the Iskar river, Bulgaria.

Lakatnik Rocks

Zip Line in a park Lakatnik Rocks

Implementation of teambuilding events in Bulgaria with Edelweiss Club

Rajishka Caveq, Lakatnik,  Bulgaria

Temnata Dupka Cave, Bulgaria, Team Building with Edelweiss Club

lakatnik rocks - Valley of the rock towers

Programme with boats, caves and rope elements near Sofia

The program "Valley of the rock towers" enables the carrying out of one-day or multi-day teambuilding event in the wildlife, close to city of Sofia. In the program can be included all the possible adventure activities. The area provides excellent conditions for rafting or kayaking for people without prior training, rope-way and climbing zones on the cliffs, activities in caves, scenic trips on foot or by bicycle. The less visited canyons, caves and natural arches are an attractive arena for every event.

One of the main advantages of the program "Valley of the rock towers" is the possibility a teambuilding event to be carried out in all seasons and in all weather conditions. In bad weather and heavy rain the event takes place in naturally lighted rock niches and rock overhangs. The area is suitable for programs in the late autumn, the winter or the early spring.

The one-day events in park "Lakatnishki Skali" /Lakatnik Cliffs/ are suitable for companies from the capital that require a program without sleeping accommodation. The employees of the company arrive in the morning in the area of the adventure and depart in the late afternoon back to

For two-day or multi-day programs hotel accommodation can be offered /Spa hotels, guest houses, monasteries/ ... or camping. The camp is a bold decision for teambuilding and a strong catalyst of the teambuilding process, especially if there is an evening program around the campfire.

Starting point for the area of Lakatnik is town of Svoge. The multi-day programs can be carried out in the area of the Iskar Gorge or the Vratsa Balkan Mountains


Photo Gallery of the program

Rafting on the Iskar river in the spring - video

Kayaking on the Iskar river - video


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