Mouth of the river Veleka, Bulgaria

Teambuilding on the Black Sea, Club Edelweiss, Bulgaria

Sea teambuilding programs in Bulgaria

Sea kayaking in Bulgaria

Mouth of the river Kamchia, Bulgaria.

Teambuilding in Albena resort, Bulgaria

Pirates of the Caribbean, teambuilding program in Bulgaria

Sea Teambuilding on a yacht in Bulgaria


Team Building on the beach in Bulgaria

The programme is designed for Bulgaria’s Black Sea regions and can involve standard team building exercises, rope gardens, boats, paintball, and orienteering. Various activities will be logically connected in a single game and will take place on the beach or in the coastline areas.

Depending on the weather and the sea conditions, the sea can also be used for some activities.  A special team of lifeguards will be ensuring the safety of the participants.

Black Sea team building programmes are exceptionally pleasant and are a good bargain outside the high summer season. The big hotels offer lower prices in spring and autumn, and the beaches are not invaded by concession operators and holiday-makers.

Below we give you three Black Sea areas that are model team building localities. Naturally, there is a great diversity of other options, too.

An interesting spot on the Southern Black Sea coast is the mouth of the Veleka River. The closest hotel accommodation is available in Sinemorets, with other suitable and convenient accommodation facilities in Ahtopol and nearby sea resorts. Water activities can be carried out on the river regardless of the sea conditions. A river journey inland can be one of the attractions in the programme.

A suitable team building location on the Northern Black Sea coast is the region around the villages of Kamen Bryag (Rock Cliff) and Tyulenovo (Seal Village). Instead of beaches, the coastline is carved of precipitous cliffs punctuated by rock alcoves and sea caves. Unforgettable highlights in the programme will include descent by alpine rope to the boat and navigating the dark galleries of the Seal Cave. Water activities in this region will depend on the sea conditions, so the best season for this team building programme is summer. Kamen Bryag can provide hotel accommodation to small groups (not more than 20 participants). Suitable accommodation for larger groups is available in various hotels in Kavarna, Albena or Russalka. A two-day programme can continue at the headland Kaliakra or in the archaeological reserve Yailata.

Our proposals on the Central Black Sea coast are the regions of Irakli or Kara Dere – Byala, with departure from Sunny Beach. Both locations are accessible by sea and by land. The sand dunes in Sunny Beach are nice and hospitable in spring, autumn and winter. In the pictures below you can see highlights from the Jolly Roger programme carried out with a Lukoil division in December.

You can select a location at the Black Sea and we will design a programme for your choice.

Programs on the beach - video

Pirate Party - video



The Iskar River Valley Adventure programme on the karts plateau of Karlukovo near Sofia.

Mountain Echoes Programmes in Rila and Pirin mountains near Bansko, Borovets, Malyovitsa & Panichishte - Southwest Bulgaria.

The Walls of Tsarevets A programme at the strongholds of Veliko Tarnovo, Lovech and Belogradchik, North Central and Northwest Bulgaria.

Underground Trails Adventure programme in the karts regions of Devetashkoto Plateau, the Iskar Defile and the Balkan Foothills around Troyan, North Central Bulgaria.

The Mountain of Orpheus Programmes in the Central and Western Rhodope Mountain (Velingrad, Devin, Pamporovo, Smolyan, Trigrad, Chepelare), South Central Bulgaria.

Underground River Programme in central of North Bulgaria near Lovech.

Valley of the rock towers Programme with boats on the river, cave and rope exercises near Sofia.

In Search of Lost Civilizations Programmes in the Eastern Rhodope Mountain and along the Arda River starting from Kurdjali, Haskovo, Madjarovo, South Bulgaria.

The Last Supper Training on communication skills.