Teambuilding of Batak dam near Velingrad, Bulgaria

Teambuilding in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria.

Teambuilding event near Devin, Bulgaria

Team Buildinng near Pamporovo, Bulgaria.

Teambuilding of mountain lake in Bulgaria

Teambuilding with mountain biking in the Rhodopes, Bulgaria

Military teambuilding game with Club Edelweiss, Bulgaria

Team Building with ropes and climbing in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

The Mountain of Orpheus

Programms in Southern Bulgaria

The Mountain of Orpheus is a summary name for our programmes covering the Western and Central Rhodope region. Depending on the actual location, we can offer three programme choices: activities in karst areas (caves and canyons), activities on water (dams), and mountain trekking activities.

Proposed locations for adventure team building programmes in karst areas include:

1. The Trigrad Gorge (departure from Devin, Pamporovo or Trigrad)

2. Chudnite Mostove (Wonder Bridges; departure from Plovdiv, Chepelare or Pamporovo)

3. The Upper Arda River (departure from Smolyan or Pamporovo)

This programme will involve climbing, caving, canyoning and orienteering. Team building events near Trigrad can also involve boating on an underground lake.

Our water programme covers the dams of Batak and Golyam Beglik (departure from Velingrad, Dospat and Plovdiv) as well as the Kurdjali Dam. Activities will involve standard team building, boats, rope gardens, mountain bikes, orienteering, and paintball. In the pictures you can see the area around the Batak Dam.

Team building in the form of a mountain trekking programme can take place anywhere in the Rhodope Mountain. Some proposals include the Devin eco trail (departure from Devin), the eco trail at the Soskovcheto Reserve (Smolyan), tourist trails in the Rhodope stretch from Chernatitsa to Chudnite Mostove (Wonder Bridges). These programmes can be combined with rope gardens and orienteering. Crossing a canyon by a rope trolley is one possible attraction

Additional animation and hotel accommodation:

An add-on to the team building package can be an authentic Rhodope folklore programme or a traditional spit roast lamb called cheverme. If amenities are your style and you wish to relax after the adventure programme, you can choose spa hotel accommodation with mineral pools in Velingrad or Devin. The lovers of the wild and off-beat tracks can spend the night in a chalet or a tent camp.


The Mountain of Orpheus - video


The Iskar River Valley Adventure programme on the karts plateau of Karlukovo near Sofia.

Mountain Echoes Programmes in Rila and Pirin mountains near Bansko, Borovets, Malyovitsa & Panichishte - Southwest Bulgaria.

Jolly Roger A programme at the Black Sea coast, East Bulgaria.

The Walls of Tsarevets A programme at the strongholds of Veliko Tarnovo, Lovech and Belogradchik, North Central and Northwest Bulgaria.

Underground Trails Adventure programme in the karts regions of Devetashkoto Plateau, the Iskar Defile and the Balkan Foothills around Troyan, North Central Bulgaria.

Underground River Programme in central of North Bulgaria near Lovech.

Valley of the rock towers Programme with boats on the river, cave and rope exercises near Sofia.

In Search of Lost Civilizations Programmes in the Eastern Rhodope Mountain and along the Arda River starting from Kurdjali, Haskovo, Madjarovo, South Bulgaria.

The Last Supper Training on communication skills.