Psychologically, every group of people can be characterized by two profiles:

  • Working Profile – i.e. the formal and working relationships between members

  • Emotional Profile – i.e. the emotional and informal relationships between members

The overall efficiency of the group depends on both psychological profiles. In this context, our teambuilding programme is designed to improve the Emotional Profile of the group and is used as a catalyst for the general teambuilding process in the firm.

Psychologically, our programmes include all four stages in the process of creating a successful team: initial enthusiasm and orientation stage, dissatisfaction and confrontation stage, concordance stage, and effective teamwork stage.

In this context, choosing the format of the teambuilding programme is extremely important for its general effectiveness.

The higher the “bar” is placed, the higher does the team “jump”. This is the principle we follow to design our programmes, and, in the same time, we try to set a balanced difficulty level that will be achievable for all participants. In spite of the more “extreme” image of the activities we offer, our programmes do not require intense physical training but psychological stability, motivation and quick wits that people working as a team often build together.

Choosing a suitable place for the teambuilding activities is also an important factor for the overall effectiveness of the programme.

Team building with rope elements in Bulgaria Teambuilding in Bulgaria


The Mission is the format whose logical framework is used as a basic model in all teambuilding programmes. The elements of seeking, solving and reaching a goal (a hidden treasure, message, or bottle of beer) are parts of a game that is an informal reflection of the working environment relationships and the work/salary scheme.

The Relax Format includes well-established teambuilding elements that require teamwork of the participants. Depending on the selected tasks, the programme’s aim can be achieving better communication, mutual trust, team motivation, or other criteria. The exercises in this format can be realized everywhere and do not require special physical efforts.

An attractive variant of the Relax Format is achieved when the standard tasks are combined with Rope Course elements. This version requires a climber’s spirit, synchronicity of movements and trust in your partner. Rope Courses make it possible to design exercises that help the participants develop their motivation, work effectively as a team in conditions of stress and strain, overcome general psychological inhibitions, etc. in any part of the forest zone.

“If you want to know your companion, take him to the mountain and there you will find if he is your real friend…” This quote of the Russian bard Vladimir Visotsky describes perfectly the nature of our adventure teambuilding programmes.

In the Adventure Format, the ideas of the standard teambuilding are developed further and adapted for broken ground, water reservoirs or mountain environment. In such conditions, the logical framework of the Mission is introduced. Boats, rafts, caves, shooting zone, mountain bikes, rope elements and logical tasks are to name but a few of the challenges in the Big Adventure that can be realized even in winter conditions.

The Adrenaline Format is the programme with the greatest positive effect on personal relationships between participants for a minimum period. Here, we use extreme sports techniques that include elements from the rock climbing, caving, white-water rafting and canyoning activities adapted for people with no previous training! These “difficult”, at first sight, challenges put the participants into a complex psychological environment. This makes them reveal their true personality and shows their colleagues if they can be trusted in stressful and critical situations. In this “whirl” of individual characters, the way towards the final goal requires joint efforts and perfect teamwork.

All “extreme” obstacles are 100 percent safe. Double safety systems are used, which eliminates all danger even in case of an accidental mistake. 

The difficulty of all programmes can be modulated according to the preferences and physical training of the participants.

The adventure and adrenaline programmes realized in a rarely visited and isolated region shape the face of the Expedition Format.

The Colleagues’ Show is an entirely different teambuilding format, unlike all above-mentioned programmes. The objective of the Show is to stimulate the participants to discover their creative, musical and artistic gifts. This programme – through dance, song, film episode, or fashion review – reveals in a fascinating way hidden and unknown features of every personality.

The evening version of the Show can be used as a beginning or an emotional finale of any programme.

Team Building in a cave, Bulgaria Team Building in Bulgaria Team Building Exercise by rafts


It is rather difficult to design a programme that can achieve the best possible synergy between any group of people for only one day. Standard team building exercises that can take place anywhere do call for team interaction, but they can hardly go beyond levels of communication and human behaviour that are typical for on-the-job routine. In other words, job hierarchy interferes on the team building day as well. That can hardly lead to any specific resolution or improvement of issues between team members. Another weakness of standard team building is that the participants are not particularly motivated and there are no elements in play that can really force the team to overcome a challenge. On a personal level, standard team building is not always in a position to take off the ‘mask’ we know from our daily life in the workplace.

That said, the main goal of our adventure, mountain and adrenaline-rush programmes is to move beyond the shortcomings of standard team building efforts and enhance the impact of the training. To do that, we introduce a number of elements that at first may seem extreme, but they do more than injecting a fresh shot of adrenaline in the participants. They form new levels of communication between people. Teamwork in a situation of psychological stress and tension in a natural outdoor environment brings out the true character of each participant. That is a powerful liberating experience in human relations and improves team dynamics. The greater difficulty of the programme and the challenging terrain boost the team’s motivation to reach their target. A more extreme programme will require making quick and adequate decisions as well as effective leadership.

In order to effectively build team performance, we use in our programmes many sports elements like climbing, rafting, mountain orienteering and mountain biking, caving, canyoning, paintball, skiing, and other activities. All activities have been specially adapted for team performance and ensure 100 per cent safety.  Anyone can physically do the challenges. The real challenge is the psychological barrier. Overcoming that barrier is the best indicator that the team building programme has been successful.

You can receive detailed descriptions of exercises and information about the intended psychological impact by placing a request for an offer.

Team Building with kayaks Teamwork