По река Искър

The Iskar Gorge

Искърското Дефиле

Kayaking on the Iskar river is suitable for summer and autumn.

The Iskar River at the Lakatnik Rocks /Lakatnishkite Skali/.

По бързеите на река Искър

Iskar river and rock formations near the village Kunino.

Family adventure in the Iskar Gorge

Семеен рафтинг

Ropeway in the Iskar Gorge

Въжен тролей на Лакатник

Team Building with kayaking on the Iskar river.

Тиймбилдинг с каяци по река Искър

Kayaking on the Struma river

Kayaking on the Struma river, Bulgaria

adventure with a inflatable kayaks

Edelweiss Club offers trips on inflatable kayaks, which according to the location and the season can be a relaxing trip, a great adventure or an adrenaline fun.

Kayaking can be accomplished on the following rivers and dams:


Kayaking on the Iskar river

The locations of the adventure are in the Iskar Gorge near Sofia and on the Iskar River close to Mezdra and Lukovit.

The Iskar Gorge: This program is suitable for those who enjoy more exciting rafting adventures. It can be performed in the summer and the autumn, when the water level of the Iskar River is not very high. Within one or two days the lovers of water challenges will learn to ride a kayak, to pass rapids and other "complicated" parts of the river. The kayaking is carried out between the villages Bov and Lakatnik. The multi-day programs continue on the Iskar River in the areas of Levishte, Zverino and the Cherepish Monastery.

The adventure can be combined with a visit to the Cherepish Monastery or the “The Seven Thrones” Monastery. For adrenaline lovers the program may include activities such as climbing, caves or mountain biking. The two-day programs offer overnight accommodations in a guest house or a camp near a clear mountain stream. In the spring or at high water the river between the villages of Bov and Lakatnik is suitable for rafting on large boats.

Kayaking in the Iskar Gorge - video

Photos from kayaking in the Iskar Gorge

Rafting in the Iskar Gorge - video

Map of the program


From Mezdra to Roman: This water route is suitable for the fans of the river trips and it can be taken in the spring, the summer and the autumn. Its starting point is village of Brusen, located on the east of town of Mezdra. The paddling down to town of Roman takes one or two days. The multi-day program includes a visit to caves with ancient cave paintings and the Strupets Monastery. It is possible the kayaking on the river to continue to the area of Kunino - Karlukovo. The overnight accommodations for a two-day program are in a camp or in the Strupets Monastery.

Video of the Iskar River between the towns Mezdra and Roman


From Kunino to Karlukovo: The Iskar River in the karst area of Kunino - Karlukovo is suitable for the lovers of relaxing trips. There the Iskar passes along bizarre rock formations and caves. In the area is the natural tourist site Prohodna Cave which together with the many other canyons, natural arches and caves is a natural scenery for the adventure program. The adventure includes a visit to ancient cave churches from the 13th century as well. The Iskar River in this area is perfect for beginners in boating, family excursions and water trips with children. For two-day programs in this area we provide overnight accommodations in a camp, hut or hotel.

Starting points of one-day program in the area of Kunino - Karlukovo are the towns of Lukovit, Yablanitsa or Zlatna Panega. The water trip Kunino - Karlukovo is suitable for year-round visits.

Video of the Iskar river near the village Kunino

Map of the areas Mezdra and Karlukovo


Personal equipment required:

Swimsuit, towel, sandwich and willingness to participate in the adventure. We provide the rest like boats, neoprene wetsuits, helmets, life-jackets, half-boots, guides of the group ...



Kayaking in Iskar Gorge: 25 EUR per person. Duration of adventure: two to three hours depending on the water level in the river.

All day program in Iskar Gorge 35 EUR per person. The program includes: kayaking + visit to the wild cave "Temnata Dupka" /The Dark Hole/ + rappelling on an alpine rope:

Kayaking in the areas of Mezdra - Roman or Kununo - Karlukovo we offer as a two-day program at a cost of 70 euro per person for two days.

The price is valid for groups of minimum 10 participants.

Any group of 10 or more people may designate the days of the adventure of their choice. Please inform us about your wishes if possible one week in advance.

For individual participants or small groups under 10 people we can prepare a special offer according to their wishes.

The prices include the implementation and the necessary equipment for the adventure.

The prices do not include transportation, food and accommodation for the participants

Contact us:

Kalin Hristov: ++ 359 878 204676 (0878 204676 from Bulgaria)

Hristo Hristov: hristo@adventure-bulgaria.org, 0878 104669

Georgy Andonov: andonov.georgi@gmail.com, 0878 104667