Photos from kayaking on the Struma River

Struma river in Kresna Gorge, Bulgaria

Lowering with inflatable kayaks near Kresna may be a route which is suitable as a level of difficulty for people without experience in riding a similar boat.

Kayaking on the Struma river with club Edelweiss

Club Edelweiss offers for kayaking two-seater inflatable boats that are stable in water, easily manageable and suitable for people who first want to embark on such an adventure.

Start of kayaking rout in the Kresna Gorge

Start of the waterway.

Basic training in riding of inflatable kayaks

Initial instruction and practice in calm water before entering the faster sections of the river.

With inflatable kayak on the Struma river, Bulgaria

Lowering with two-seater kayak is a good exercise for "activation" of the crew. Initial training in the calm water and the first rapids of the river quickly synchronize actions of the boatmen.

Rafting and Kayaking on the Struma river, Kresna Gorge, Bulgaria.

After each series of rapids, the group stops and waits for the arrival of all teams.

Kayaking, Struma river, Bulgaria

Water and adrenaline. The crew of this boat for the first time embarked on this adventure.

Rafting and Kayaking in Bulgaria

A short break in August afternoon on the banks of the Struma River. In this season of the year the river is shallow, but it is suitable for Lowering with inflatable kayak.

Club Edelweiss, kayaking on the Struma river

The rapids of the river near the town of Kresna.

Team Building on the Struma river with Club Edelweiss, Bulgaria.

The route that we offer for kayaking is suitable for people with no experience in such adventures. Here Struma is pleasant combination of quiet passages and sparkling rapids, where each crew can improve their skills.

Rafting in the summer along the Struma River

Every two or three boats with tourists have a leader who cares about the comfort and safety of participants. The group is accompanied by the "rescue, lifeboat," whose crew may assist tourists in case of a problem situation.

Hazards in the river
One of the problematic situations in the river.
Sheitan dere, Kresna gorge, Bulgaria The Devil's Ravine, which is suitable for a trip after water adventure.

Kayaking on the Struma river