Въжен тиймбилдинг елемент


photo album "Ropes and climbing" 2/6

Teambuilding exercises with ropes and climbing can be realized in woodland.



Тиймбилдинг с катерене на морето


The high trees are ideal for creating adventure activity in each team building program.
Организиране на спортен празник


We have alpine equipment suitable for everyone.
В лонгозната гора на Синеморец


In teambuilding exercise "Stairway to Heaven" has a suitable position for each team member.
Тиймбилдинг в курорт Албена


The exercise "Pyramid", realized in the forest of the Albena seaside resort.
Стълба към небето


In the exercise "Stairway to Heaven" all participants in pairs can climb to the target. Those who do not want to hang the rope have mission supporting the actions of the team on the ground.
Дублирана проверка на осигуряването по време на тиймбилдинг


Before the start of rope exercises all points of attachment of the people to rope systems are subjected to double check by two instructors of the Edelweiss club.
Тиймбилдинг в Деветашката пещера The smile on the faces of the participants is the strongest indicator of the programme success.
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