Радост от тиймбилдинг изпитанието


photo album "Ropes and climbing" 4/6

The rope activities can be regulated by level of difficulty and psychological barrier, according to the wishes of the visiting team.

Спускане на рапел


"The Abyss" - exercise on the form Adrenalin realized in the canyon "Zadanen Dol".
Ефекта на въжените тиймбилдинг задачи


Body language is eloquent about the emotional state of the participants in the adventure program.


Rope activities are designed so that people on the ground, always can help the climbing colleagues.
Тиймбилдинг в Искърското дефиле


The mission seems difficult but not impossible. In this context, climbing exercises have a powerful influence. The photo is from a program in the area of Lakatnk rocks.
Скокът на Тарзан


In Devetashka cave
Team Building on Lakatnik rocks near Sofia, Buldaria.


Team Building on Lakatnik rocks near Sofia.
Приключенски тиймбилдинг близо до София


Adventure activities in our events are designed for people with no prior skills in climbing.
Съкровището - приключенска игра в района на Лакатник.


Eco trail in the area of Lakatnik rocks.
Изкачване на връх Мальовица Program "Maliovitsa" may include climbing a mountain peaks.
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