photo album "Ropes and climbing" 5/6

Teamwork test "The crane" notwithstanding "extreme" vision is designed for people without special skills in climbing.


The work of ground staff is key to the success of the mission "The hook of the crane."

Тиймбилдинг с клуб Еделвайс


Our rope exercises are adapted for people with diverse physical training.


Less muscle and a lot of thought are needed on the way to the final goal.

Търсене на съкровище с клуб Еделвайс


Ropes exercise realized in the forest zone of Shoumen Plateau.

Тиймбилдинг в Шуменското плато.


Collegial support of the "Climbers" from teammates on flat land.

Колегиална подкрепа


Our team will always give the necessary attention.


Teambuilding zone "puppets", built in Pamporovo.

Teambuilding zone "puppets", built in Pamporovo, Bulgaria.


Exercise "The Abyss" in Devetashka cave.


Ropeway over Lakatnik rocks.

Тролей през Лакатнишките скали


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