Река Искър и Лакатнишките скали


GALLERY OF THE PROGRAM "Valley of the rock towers" 5/5

Iskar River and Lakatnik rocks

Rappelling in the region of lakatnik


Rappelling in the region of lakatnik
Team Building in bulgarian caves with Edelweiss club.


The underground galleries of "Dark Hole" are a labyrinth that can be visited by people without special training. The difficulty of the path to the cave can be adjusted according to preliminary wishes of the participants. Mission underground can pass through water galleries, underground lakes, waterfalls and canyons ...
Скалите на алпийската поляна при гара Лакатник


Our exercises despite 'extreme' vision is designed for people without experience in similar ventures. Barrier that must be overcome by the participants is primarily psychological in nature.


Team Building in Bulgaria, A moment of teambuilding task "The Pyramid".


A moment of teambuilding task "The Pyramid".
Организиране на фирмено събитие


The rope exercises that we use in our teambuilding programs are not individual or adrenaline attraction and focused team tasks, which include all personnel.
Въжена тиймбилдинг задача в района на Лакатник


The task "The rope ladder"" is focused on the team spirit.
Тиймбилдинг с клуб Еделвайс


All exercises in our teambuilding programs are our developments that from 2004 until now we continuously perfecting through feedback from our customers.
Team Building Trening in Lakatnik rocks area near Sofia, Bulgaria.


All our exercises are designed so as to ensure 100% security level. This is achieved not only by using certified equipment and duplication of insurance points, but with the organization of work that duplicated the checks and avoids accidental human error.
Teambuilding event with Edelweiss Club, Bulgaria.


The rope exercise "Climbing the hierarchy," involving 12 people simultaneously.


Ropeway for two people, as part of a team building program in the valley of the rock towers.
Приключенска игра "Съкровището" в пещера "Темната дупка"


In the underground galleries of the valley of the rock towers.




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