Hristo Hristov - Manager of team building programs and film productions:




Georgi Andonov - Manager of team building programs and safety team:



Plamen Paunov - Coordinator of international and local team building groups:

telephone: ++ 359 893 680 193

telephone from Bulgaria: 0 893 680 193


Mailing address: Bulgaria, 1336 Sofia, j.k. Lyulin, block 610, entrance G, flat 71.


Before you sign up for any of the suggested team building programmes, it will be advisable to arrange a preliminary meeting where we can learn about your specific requirements. Based on your information, we will propose an offer providing the closest match to your request.

If you are interested in our programmes, please send a letter indicating:

  • The type of programme you would like to have (relax, adventure, adrenalin, show...)

  • A convenient location for you

  • Length of the programme (half a day, one, two or three days)

  • Dates of programme implementation

  • Number of participants

  • Would you like us to make hotel reservations for the participants (please indicate your required type and category of accommodation)

  • Will you need organised transportation

  • Would you like to view beforehand implementation areas, accommodation facilities and a programme demo