Kayaking along the Arda River near Madjarovo, Bulgaria.

Teambuilding with kayaking along the Arda River, Bulgaria

Река Арда между язовир Студен Кладенец и Маджарово

Teambuilding with kayaking in the Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria

Teambuilding of a dam Ivaylovgrad, Bulgaria

Dam Kardzhali, Bulgaria


Programs in Eastern Rhodopes - Southern Bulgaria

In Search of Lost Civilisations is a programme designed for the Eastern Rhodope region. The logic of the game and the attractions follow ancient Thracian sanctuaries and old Bulgarian strongholds along the Arda River. Unlike in the other team building programmes, here the participants will find themselves on a quest of unsuspected proportions for Bulgaria, and the direction of the final goal will depend on “signs” they discover along the way. Challenges can involve boats, entering unlit caverns, rock labyrinths and tombs, canyoning, historical puzzles, orienteering and climbing, biking, and bivouacking under the open sky.

The optimal length of this programme is two or three days. One-day events are also possible. Departure points are Kurdjali and Madzharovo offering three star hotel accommodations. A tent camp during the team building programmes adds genuine adventure material.

In the pictures you can see the meandering Arda River near Madzharovo (the place is the crater of a dead volcano), boats in one tributary of the Ivaylovgrad Dam, and a water trip down the Arda River.

This programme will enable you not only to learn more about your colleagues, but also to discover Bulgaria’s secret charms. The rock-hewn alcoves belonged to an ancient Thracian sanctuary. During the Ottoman rule the Zandana Cave (The Dungeon) was used as an underground prison. The rock arch was the scene of ancient sacrifices. We are telling you this because if you take a chance to participate in this programme, your “survival in the wild” will be your way of life throughout the team building activity.

When you get to the finish line, you will understand that the support you receive from the person next to you is the most important thing not only in the adventures of the past few days, but also tomorrow.


The Iskar River Valley Adventure programme on the karts plateau of Karlukovo near Sofia.

The Walls of Tsarevets A programme at the strongholds of Veliko Tarnovo, Lovech and Belogradchik, North Central and Northwest Bulgaria.

Mountain Echoes Programmes in Rila and Pirin mountains near Bansko, Borovets, Malyovitsa & Panichishte - Southwest Bulgaria.

Jolly Roger A programme at the Black Sea coast, East Bulgaria.

Underground Trails Adventure programme in the karts regions of Devetashkoto Plateau, the Iskar Defile and the Balkan Foothills around Troyan, North Central Bulgaria.

The Mountain of Orpheus Programmes in the Central and Western Rhodope Mountain (Velingrad, Devin, Pamporovo, Smolyan, Trigrad, Chepelare), South Central Bulgaria.

Underground River Programme in central of North Bulgaria near Lovech.

Valley of the rock towers Programme with boats on the river, cave and rope exercises near Sofia.

The Last Supper Training on communication skills.