фотоальбом от реки Искыр 2/2

Teambuilding with rafting and kayaking on the river Iskar, Bulgaria.


Kayaking on the Iskar river around Balkan railway station.


In kayaking, unlike the rafting, the crew alone manage and drive the boat.





Iskar River in the summer around the village Bov.



Heron flying over the boats, Kayaking, Bulgaria.


At the end of the rafting, Iskar river, Bulgaria


Kayaking on the Iskar River around Cherepish monastery.


Sometimes the boat might turn, Kayaking tours in Bulgaria.


Финала на каякинга в Искърското дефиле


Kayaking on the Struma River, Bulgaria.


Ilko relax after a heavy program in the warm and clear waters of a mountain stream near the finish of the kayaks.


Рафтинг инструктаж



Yana, one of the most experienced kayak instructors in our team.


Yana assist the crew stranded in the river.


The emotion of the event can best be understood by the smiles on the faces of the participants.


The photo session is an integral part of our adventure in Bulgaria.


Kayaking, Rafting and Team Building in Bulgaria with club Edelweiss


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