Photo presentation of our programs 2/10

The overcoming the psychological barrier with the help of your partner is one of the desired effects of our events.

Ropes teambuilding exercise near Bansko, Bulgaria.


Place of the event and natural attractions are very important to the overall effect of the teambuilding.

Adventure teambuilding program in a cave Dark Hole, located close to Sofia, Bulgaria.


We can offer a program area and adventure activities that are appropriate for teambuilding even in bad weather conditions.

Teambuilding with kayaks on the Struma river, Bulgaria.


Hiking in winter conditions is a very good team building tool.

Winter teambuilding program with Club Edelweiss, Bulgaria.


In winter we can realize attractive outdoors programs near the Bulgarian ski resorts.

Winter teambuilding programs in Bulgaria


The beach of the village Sinemorets and the Veleka river estuary are an excellent place for programs on the beach in Bulgaria.

Outdoor team building exercises


The bay of Albena Resort during spring and fall is an excellent place for team tasks with boats in the sea.

Sea teambuilding on the beach in Bulgaria


Gorge of the Iskar river, combining rock towers, caves, canyons and river is the best area for adventure teambuilding in Bulgaria.

Teambuilding with rafting, kayaking, caves and climbing near Sofia.


The height of summer - corporate adventure with kayaks on the Iskar river near Sofia.

Kayaking and Team Building near Sofia, Bulgaria.


Dams around resorts like Velingrad, Borovets, Bansko, Hissar ... also a good choice for a place of the adventure program.

Batak Dam, near Velingrad


Proto-Bulgarian fortresses are an excellent scenery for creative teambuilding events.

Team building in Tsarevets fortress, Veliko Tarnovo


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