Photo presentation of our programs 3/10

All our team building exercises can be designed, such a level of difficulty in the preliminary desired of the participants.

Team Building on the Iskar river, Bulgaria.


Original equipment and a sense of reality are an important part of the effect of the program.

Teambuilding area SWAT realized  in military style.


Collegiate support in a tense situation can be easily reached team criterion in our teambuilding events.

Teambuilding, corporate events and trainings in Bulgaria.


Precise management of projects and their implementation are team skills that are tested in our constructive tasks.

The catapult - teambuilding task of Club Edelweiss.


Format "The Mission" is preferred logical framework to the most of our team building events.

Treasure hunt - team building with club Edelweiss


Beginning of the teambuilding program.

Ice Breaking phase in the adventure teambuilding program


End of the event or moment that instead rain, rain sparkling wine ...

A gala finale of the team building program


Programs for "team building" may continue with an evening show program in the hotel ...

Evening teambuilding program


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