Photo presentation of our programs 4/10

Adventure tourism programs are a very good catalyst for teamwork.

Kayaking on the Struma river


We organize various adventure events in which preferential may include employees of the companies with whom we work.

Mountain biking in Bulgaria.


Climbing the mountain peaks on difficult trails is a challenge that has a strong cohesive effect.

Ascent of the Malyovitsa peak in the Rila Mountains


Our winter programs may be a series of team building exercises, combined with hiking.

Winter hiking in the Rila mountain to the hut Ivan Vazov


Adventure creates conditions that are different from official life. So everyone can see the true face of his colleague.

Teambuilding near Veleka river, Bulgaria.


Our teambuilding programs combine fun and relaxation in nature with the skills to act as a team.

Organization of team building program near Hotel Diplomat Plaza in Lukovit


Rope team building exercises focused on collegial support and are designed for people without previous preparation.

Team Building into the cave Prohodna


Each our program includes logical framework for search and reach a certain goal by specific artifacts.

Team Building into the cave in Bulgaria.


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