Photo presentation of our programs 5/10

An important part of our programs are the water exercises.

Team Building and Kayaking in Bulgaria


Teambuilding zone "Boats" in the Karst region of the cave Prohodna, near Lukovit, Bulgaria.

Teambuilding exercises with water, rafts, kayaking and rafting in Bulgaria


Iskar River near Lakatnishki rocks is ideal for team building program that includes rafting.

Rafting in Bulgaria with Edelweiss club


Water teambuilding activities can be with large rafting boats, two-seater kayaks or rafts.

Team Building with kayaking in Bulgaria.


Descent with a two-seater kayaks in the river is ideal exercise for activation of the crew.

Rafting and Kayaking on Bulgarian rivers with club Edelweiss


Final of the adventure in Kresna gorge of Struma River.

Тиймбилдинг с каяци по река Струма


Team of the telecommunications company Vivacom during a teambuilding program with Club Edelweiss.

Фирмено събитие с рафтинг лодки и каяци по река Струма


Teambuilding program, which includes rafting on the Iskar river.

Rafting in Bulgaria


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