our team 7/8

Dido and lady by "Metro" during the team building program, including kayaking on the Iskar river.

Двуместен надуваем каяк


Wolfgang and Maria on the Struma river.

Рафтинг по река Струма.


Stoyan and Tanya training techniques for water rescue on the Struma River.

Спасителна операция в река Струма


Harry on the Struma River in the Kresna Gorge.

Рафтинг и каякинг по река Струма


Dido on the Iskar River.

Дидо, клуб Еделвайс


Vlado Tolev directs his team in a logical task during the program "The Covenant of the Monks".

Тиймбилдиннг на Дряново


Marin prepares the final prize.

Тимбилдинг награда


Stefan and beers after the teambuilding event.

На финала на тиймбилдинга


Vitosha mountain in winter

Резноьовете Витоша


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